6 Pack Rings


6 Pack Ring - GRIP-PAK

Repack Beer and Soda - Add product value and put more money in your pocket!

Buy direct from us to get the LOWEST COST 6-pak rings!

GRIP-PAK manufactures the plastic rings, enabling us to offer you low prices and volume discounts. Select the quantity you need!

Our Products

Pre-Cut Rings - 6 Pack Ring

Pre-cut rings, packaged in bundles of 100 and boxed for easy handling, are available for both beer and soda can sizes. Please specify which you need when placing your order.

  • 1200 (11 lb box)
  • 2000 (17 lb box)
  • 4200 (35 lb box)

Reels of Perforated Strip of Rings (6 Pack Ring)

  • 1000 6-paks (1 small reel, 9 lbs)
  • 4300 6-paks (1 large reel, 38 lbs)
  • 5000 6-paks (5 small reels, 48 lbs) 

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Attention Distributors: Call Us at 1-800-289-7257

A large number of convenience and grocery stores now convert cases of loose Beer and Soda Cans into 6-Paks for profit. They use Grip-Pak products to assemble 6-Packs for sale in their stores and put extra money in the cash register! You can also profit by quantity purchase of our Multi-Pak ringers for resale. 

Attention Salesmen: Call Us at 1-800-289-7257 

Alert Convenience and Grocery Stores to profit that can be made by conversion of loose Beer and Soda cans into Multi-Paks. Buy Grip-Pak ringers to distribute and resell at a profit to stores that you now service in your area. 

Attention Store Owners: Call Us at 1-800-289-7257 

Use Grip-Pak rings to assemble 6 packs for sale in your store and add additional profit to your operation!